Road-side drug testing brings positive results - minister

By Jamie Brown

ROADSIDE drug testing in the Lismore area by police found five per cent of tested drivers under the influence of cannabis, ecstasy or amphetamines, a new study has found.

Results from the first eight months of roadside drug testing has proved the new technology is working, with the van targeting 100 drivers in the Lismore area during the month of May. Five tested positive.

Nimbin Hemp Embassy spokesman Michael Balderstone said the illustrate the dilemma facing drug tests.

"Cannabis stays in the blood for two to three months but powders and pills pass through in a day or two," he said.

NSW Police Minister David Campbell said that 3200 road-side tests conducted over eight months resulted in 71 drivers testing positive to drugs.

"Anyone who thinks they can get away with it should be warned that these roadside drug testing operations can occur at any time," he said.

Police were targeting drivers and areas where it was suspected drug use was high.

Meanwhile, Mr Balderstone said the war on drugs had only served to create a generation of youth immune to police threats.

"Illegal drugs are popular," he said.

"And prohibition causes disrespect of the law and encourages people to lie and deceive.

"This is a war on youth."

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