Road death devastates family


LYN JONES has hardly slept a wink since learning of the death of her middle son, Reece, 19, in a horrific crash at Mullumbimby on Saturday.

Yesterday, the distraught Ocean Shores mother said she and husband Mark, and sons Mathew, 23, and Mikal, 17, were totally devastated.

The family is struggling to come to terms with Reece's death, and still trying to piece together the events leading up to the accident.

Her son's friends told her that Reece had been to the movies at Byron Bay and was on his way to the Rukkus Youth Festival Skate Competition at Mullumbimby.

He was driving a friend's high-powered station wagon, when he was used to a runabout ute, his mother said.

Byron Bay duty officer Inspector Owen King said the accident happened on Mullumbimby Road, 125 metres east of Manns Road, when Reece was attempting to overtake a slower car where the 100km/h limit turns into a 60km/h zone entering the town.

The young driver lost control at high speed and slammed into a tree.

He was killed instantly and his passenger, a 20-year-old Mullumbimby man, was critically injured.

The injured man's family have gathered by his bedside at Royal Brisbane Hospital where his condition is listed as critical.

Arthur Sauverain, Reece Jones' former PE teacher at Mullumbimby High School, said he had been at the Mullumbimby football ground when he heard the accident.

"Everyone in the grounds ? even people in the canteen under the grandstand ? heard the screech of the brakes and a loud thud," he said.

"I was completely shocked when I found out it was Reece. He was a great kid.

"He was a top athlete, friendly and respectful. I had a close bond with him."

Reece's funeral will be held on Friday at 2pm at Mullumbimby cemetery.

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