Quota club bras not coming off just yet


CHRISTINE SECCOMBE is about to battle breast cancer for the third time.

The Teven woman, who has already had one complete mastectomy, will commence chemotherapy treatment on Friday for a new primary cancer in her remaining breast.

Christine said she was in need of a little humour during such a difficult period in her life.

That humour came last Friday afternoon as she passed 2000 bras strung on the Wollongbar TAFE fence line on the way to her oncologist.

"I thought it was a brilliant way to promote the awareness of breast cancer," she said of the display, arranged by the Alstonville Wollongbar Quota Club.

The bras are promoting an upcoming bra decorating charity competition organised to raise breast cancer awareness.

But Christine said she was incensed to later learn Ballina Shire Council had ordered the removal of the bras.

"This could not have come at a more difficult time for me," she said.

"Breast cancer advertising needs to be promoted as much as possible so that more men and women are alerted to the insidious disease that it is."

Yesterday Ballina Shire Council general manager John Christopherson said the bras would not be removed.

"Council's intention is to have some control over signage in the shire which is effective, neat and doesn't cause traffic problems," he said.

"We also understand the worthiness of the cause that the Alstonville Wollongbar Quota Club is supporting ? absolutely.

"We're 100 per cent in support and encourage them.

"I think if Marilyn (Perkins from the Quota Club) had called last week we could have avoided all this."

In a press release issued yesterday, Ballina council said it was unfortunate people gained their impressions of the situation from some media reports it claimed contained 'a number of inaccuracies'.

"Firstly, the council staff rang and discussed the council's situation with the club's president, Marilyn Perkins, before writing to the club," the release said.

"Marilyn was aware that council was in a difficult situation in trying to deal evenly with all community groups and that council was not 'ordering' Quota to do anything."

It went on to say the letter sent to the club set out the framework within which community events could be promoted by signs and displays, and of the need for a policy as a consequence of a range of problems that had arisen in the past.

It also acknowledged council did not have sufficient provision of banner posts in the Alstonville Wollongbar area and invited Quota to advise the council of any suggestions or ideas that they may have to improve this.

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