Power car ban targets young drivers


P-PLATE drivers will be banned from driving high-powered cars under a key proposal being considered by NSW Roads Minister Carl Scully.

The Minister told a group of Northern Rivers high school students yesterday the ban was one measure he wanted to use to stop young people dying on our roads.

Turbo-charged and super-charged vehicles, such as a Subaru WRX, will be off limits to P-plate drivers.

V8 vehicles are also under consideration for inclusion in the ban, although the Minister refused to rule out widening the restrictions.

High school students from across Member for Lismore Thomas George's electorate met with the Minister at Kyogle High School yesterday to discuss proposed restrictions on young drivers outlined in the P-plate discussion paper.

Kyogle was chosen as the venue for the student drivers' forum because three local teenagers were killed two years ago when the car they were passengers in hit a tree at Geneva, outside the town.

Levi Ford, 14, and brothers Eamonn, 18, and Jesse Daniels, 14, all of Kyogle, died in the December, 2002, crash.

Students at the forum were given the opportunity to raise their concerns and query the Minister about restrictions such as banning high-powered cars, limiting passenger numbers and driver education courses.

Mr Scully announced he was no longer considering implementing a curfew on young drivers.

"Curfews are not going to happen," he said. "I wasn't going into anything without widespread support."

He also suggested altering passenger limitations to only drivers who lose their licence.

"If someone lost their licence through a demerit loss of licence, a condition of getting their licence back would be a restriction on passengers," he said.

The Minister also detailed plans for an intensive driving training course for young drivers, funded by the Federal and State governments.

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