Police fury at Ballina riot

By Renee Redmond

Carlos de los Mozos is fed up with mobs of youths turning Angels Beach into a party venue every Friday night.

Last Friday, Mr De Los Mozos was verbally abused, punched and pelted with rocks as he tried to break up the commotion outside his Beachfront Parade home.

The street party began about 9pm, and Ballina police said that by 10.30pm at least 150 youths had arrived.

It took eight police cars, several officers and five hours to move the youths on. Many retreated across the road and into nearby sand dunes to hide.

Richmond Local Area Command Superintendent Bruce Lyons said police had rocks and bottles thrown at them and two police cars were damaged. No arrests have so far been made.

Mr De Los Mozos said a window was smashed after full cans of bourbon, champagne bottles and rocks were hurled at his home. His front gate was also broken.

On Saturday, Mr De Los Mozos called a meeting where 26 residents turned out to discuss the incident.

Among them was Graeme Wappett, who said he would see Ballina MP Don Page next Monday to try and find a peaceful solution.

"They didn't seem to be afraid of the police. They have nothing to do so they congregate in a mindless bunch like a pen of sheep," he said.

"The Angels Beach car park, across the road from our street, is a problem. Chaining it off at night is one option."

Mr De Los Mozos was home with his wife and daughter when youths arrived in cars and taxis along Beachfront Parade on Friday night.

"They've been doing it for a month, and enough is enough," he said.

"At midnight girls were fighting outside. When I walked out they started abusing me and a bloke came over and said: 'Mate, if I was you, I'd go back inside. A bloke did this in Lennox and we destroyed his house'. Then he threw a punch at me."

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