Phone call ends Ballina couples agony


A BALLINA family's day went from agony to ecstasy yesterday when their daughter and her husband, missing in Thailand since the tsunami, turned up safe.

The distraught parents had been desperately waiting all day at their Ballina home for fresh news from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

However, about 3.30pm yesterday, the missing 28-year-old woman called her parents to say she and her Japanese husband were safe and well.

No-one in the family wanted to be identified, keen to get over the shock and relief in peace.

The missing woman, who lives in Japan, was travelling to an island off Phuket when the earthquake struck.

"She rang her dad and said, 'Dad, just a quick call, you're going to hear on the news that there's been an earthquake ? we're being turned around back to Phuket because they say they expect a tidal wave'," a relative said.

"That was the last they heard. They're not 100 per cent sure which resort they were staying at ? they could have headed for the hills or be on a roof somewhere."

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