Salvation Army Family Store Lismore volunteers with two surf boards for sale.
Salvation Army Family Store Lismore volunteers with two surf boards for sale.

Old boards on new wave of revival


IF YOU have an old surfboard hidden away in the corner of the shed, it's time to dust it off and have it valued, because vintage boards are fetching big bucks.

Surf collectables trader Baron von Weirdo said a resurgence in the surfing world to older-style long and short boards had seen surfboards made before 1981 become very valuable and sought after.

Mr von Weirdo, aka Darryl Miller, bought his lordly title at the suggestion of late English politician Screaming Lord Sutch, who founded the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. He said it reflected all the weird things he had collected and now kept in his house.

"Older guys are collecting long boards and some young guys are starting to get sick of their three-fin thrusters and are turning to twin or single fin boards," he said.

But unfortunately, Mr von Weirdo said the three-fin surfboards for sale in The Salvation Army's Lismore store were accurately priced at $15 each.

"Boards with three fins, called thrusters, are still classed as modern boards, they aren't vintage yet because they were from after 1981," he said.

"That kind of board is not worth a lot of money, so $15 is a good price.

"But they were made by talented shapers, so they would be good boards.

"But anything pre-1981 has some collective value."

An auction of surfing memorabilia was held at Casuarina on Saturday and featured more than 100 old and rare boards.

The highest price paid was $3000 for a restored nine-foot balsa board, shaped by Gordon Woods in 1958.

But Mr von Weirdo said three-fin boards could still have some value.

"After 1981, to have some value, a thruster has to have been owned or used by a famous surfer," he said.

"Or the board has been signed by a famous surfer.

"For example, Luke Egan's board he rode in competitions in Europe with his signature could be worth about $2000. But it would be more of a museum piece."

The condition of the board was not always important.

"Some people will happily buy the boards with dings and other buyers will spend money to restore them," he said.

Although based near the Gold Coast, Mr von Weirdo said he regularly travelled as far south as Evans Head to value surfing collectables.

If you think you might have a vintage board and want it valued, just send a photo of the board to Mr von Weirdo at PO Box 7, Fingal Head, 2487.

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