Maniac truckie terrifies woman


IT IS every driver??s worst nightmare: An angry truckie, a 100km/h zone, and nowhere to pull over.

After Lennox Head woman Lyndal Denny??s terrifying encounter on St Helena Hill, she wants to make her story public to encourage others to report similar incidents to police.

Ms Denny, 48, says she was driving on the Pacific Highway near Newrybar last Monday evening with her son Jonathan, 14, in the passenger seat.

By the time she reached Knockrow, a semitrailer had sped up to be no more than a metre from her car??s boot even though she was doing 100km/h.

??All I could see was the grill of the semi. My son and I were terrified,?? she said.

Ms Denny slowed down looking for a place to move off the road, but could not find one. She slowed and finally came to a complete halt on the highway, frozen with terror.

??Two hundred metres ahead of me the highway went around a blind corner,?? she said.

??I got out of my car listening to the semi driver blasting his horn and I motioned him to get out of his truck. At that point, as I was walking towards him, he put his foot on the accelerator forcing me to jump out of his way.??

To their horror, the driver backed up, moved on to the wrong side of the highway towards a blind corner, drove around her car and drove off.

??All I could think was what would happen if a car was coming the?? other way,?? she said.

??The driver of that truck was a maniac. ??His motivation was anger. I had obviously upset him as I was going up St Helena.

??I can??t imagine any sane or reasonable person would behave like that.

??Jonathan was really upset, he said ??Mum I thought you were going to die??. He was upset and distressed he would lose his mother.??

Ms Denny phoned the police to report the driver, but unfortunately did not get the number plate.

The Northern Star contacted the truck company, who declined to comment.

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