IN COURT: Jason Phillip Moye is facing several charges.
IN COURT: Jason Phillip Moye is facing several charges.

Man gets bail over airgun attack


THEY threw something at his car and that was all the ammunition Jason Phillip Moye needed to go on a stalking mission that lasted several hours, involved two changes of vehicle, and ended with a BB gun shooting.

These are some of the police facts submitted in Ballina Court yesterday when the 24-year-old apprentice carpenter faced malicious wounding, firearms and stalking charges.

According to the police facts, the Ballina man drove past a group of Aboriginal youths near the Kerr Street intersection of the Pacific Highway on the night of Saturday, January 27, and allegedly saw one of them throw something at the car.

According to the report, he drove the vehicle around the streets of Ballina for about 40 minutes trying to apprehend the boys.

Blaming his noisy muffler for helping the youths get away, he allegedly went home, got his pushbike and rode around for a further 20 minutes in search of them.

He then went home and got back into his car, placing a BB gun and ball bearings on the passenger seat.

When he saw them again standing on Fishery Creek Bridge he pulled over, loaded his gun and shot at them through the passenger window.

He fired at the group again while driving his car across a lane of the Pacific Highway before going home.

The police facts stated that a 15-year-old had been hit in the neck and underwent surgery to remove a ball bearing.

The following day Moye was allegedly shopping in Ballina Fair when he saw the same youths entering a shop. He allegedly yelled out a racist slur, saying that he was in the KKK and would 'get' them.

He then followed them in his car around the two shopping centre car parks for about 20 minutes.

He was arrested on January 30 and granted bail.

Magistrate Kim Pogson yesterday continued the bail and adjourned the case until April 16.

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