Lottery win, so Heather can keep car

By Rachel Scollay

A $5 punt on a Lions lottery meant Yorklea woman Heather Hatt will not have to give her car away this weekend.

Instead she's giving away a brand new red Kia to her daughter who is battling cancer on the Gold Coast.

"It couldn't have happened to a nicer person," she said of her daughter, Wendy Clarke, who grew up at McKees Hill and has been struggling without a car for over a year.

"My partner Stan and I shed some tears over it. Just excitement, that's all.

"I had my car all detailed, ready to give to her.

"We were going to take it up this weekend."

Heather, 70, said the last time she won anything was as a 16year-old working at the Lismore telephone exchange.

"When you got paid everyone put a bob in," she said.

"And I won 10 pounds. I was sitting at the switchboard and the shock was that great I couldn't even stand up to get it."

On Saturday Heather was equally stunned to hear she had won first prize in the lottery.

The message was relayed to Wendy, who thought it was someone's idea of a joke.

"It was 8.30 at night and I thought 'how could you just win a car?'

"Then the man told me my mother had bought the tickets.

"I was just shocked. It didn't really sink in. It still hasn't.

"I've never had a new car before. My cars have usually been 15 years old."

On top of looking after her three grandchildren, Wendy said the car would be handy for getting to medical appointments after being diagnosed with bone cancer in December.

"I found out after an operation in December," she said.

"My next appointment is the middle of June. They are really pleased with me.

"I'm feeling really good and I've got a positive attitude."

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