Local Nats energetic debate


NATIONALS Member for Page, Ian Causley, is trading blows with his Nationals colleague, Richmond candidate Dr Sue Page over her anti-%nuclear stance.

Dr Page released a statement over the weekend saying her party would prevent their Coalition partner from passing laws to allow the building of nuclear power plants and waste storage facilities.

She said it was time for the Nationals to speak out, after the Liberal Party's federal council in June endorsed the expansion of the nuclear industry, including the development of an international waste dump.

"We've actually got to draw the line in the sand on this one because we are different from the Liberals in this regard," she said.

"If the National Party was going to waver on this one and say that we are going to ride roughshod over it, I'd have to resign."

However Mr Causley, who will retire at the Federal election, let fly at Dr Page's stance, saying Federal politicians had little say over when and where nuclear power plants would be built.

"I don't want to disappoint Dr Page but planning and approval of such things are done at the State level," he said.

"Dare I say it but she doesn't appear to understand the process."

Dr Page acknowledged her position put her at odds with her Clarence neighbour.

"Ian Causley has personal views which are different to mine. He also has an electorate which is different to mine," she said.

Mr Causley, meanwhile, said the public needed to think hard about its energy future.

"Labor's plan to back clean coal will see people's electricity bills double, even triple in price," he said.

"People need to take a close look at the science of nuclear power."

Mr Causley said he promised to keep quiet after leaving the political arena, as soon as the Federal election is called.

"But I will have to control myself," said the veteran of% seven elections.

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