JUST TYPICAL: Karen Johnson of Alstonville, Katrina Luckie of Evans Head, and Sally Herbert of Ballina.
JUST TYPICAL: Karen Johnson of Alstonville, Katrina Luckie of Evans Head, and Sally Herbert of Ballina.

Local ladies match national profile, well, almost


MEET the new 'Ms Typicals' ? Katrina Luckie of Evans Head, Sally Herbert of Ballina, and Karen Johnson of Alstonville.

Single, 37, working, two with children, they (almost) fit the profile of today's average Australian woman.

The only trouble is, they are all in the pink of health and love sex ? even if they haven't got a romantic interest in their lives at present.

According to research released by the Federal Government yesterday, Ms Typical Aussie Woman is now around 37, single, has children, works hard, is unfit and is not interested in sex. But our girls beg to differ.

Take Karen, a super-fit business solutions manager, for example.

"I bet that research was done by men," she said with a good-natured laugh.

"It isn't about not being interested in sex.

"It is about the difficulty working women face in finding a suitable partner.

"The problem is where do you go to find someone decent, someone with a brain who has a good sense of humour and is not too bad looking?

"Most women our age don't go in for the club or pub scene, work colleagues are generally out, so that only leaves gatherings with your friends and family.

"And at my age I am pretty choosy."

Karen Johnson is atypical in another way, too ? she is a fitness fanatic.

Her mornings begin early with a session of stair-climbing.

Then it's on to an exercise bike for an intense workout.

A long walk follows sometime in the day, adding up to two solid hours of daily exercise.

"I must be suffering from too much sexual tension," she says with a cheeky laugh.

Katrina Luckie is another fitness junkie whose glowing good health and positive attitude to her sexuality flies in the face of the national norm.

This single mother of three, who is executive director of the Northern Rivers Regional Development Board, gets up in the dark to go swimming, take a 20 kilometre bike ride and do a yoga workout ? all before breakfast.

"Keeping in good shape is really important to me," she said.

"It takes a bit of juggling, but I feel better for doing it."

Katrina is a self-confessed workaholic, with 45-hour weeks being the norm.

"The modern woman leads a very busy, demanding life," Katrina said.

"It is hard to find room for a relationship. The chances of meeting someone when you are in a high-pressure job and trying to be a good parent at the same time are very limited.

"Women who are mothers are generally not interested in casual sex, but that doesn't mean they don't want an intimate relationship.

"Sex is wonderful and natural in the right relationship, but there are few opportunities for those relationships to develop."

Sally Herbert agrees. As a single mum working in sales support with a national company she also finds herself too busy for relationships.

"You don't want to settle for a Friday night fling, but there is little time for something more meaningful," she said.

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