Kyogle to get bigger IGA shop


PLANS are underway to build a big new supermarket in Kyogle's main street.

Gold Coast developer AusDevelopments lodged the development application for the 2000 square metre Supa IGA supermarket with Kyogle Council last week.

Located at the northern end of the CBD precinct, the new development also includes three shops and on-site car parking.

Access to the supermarket will be from Summerland Way and the exit will be onto Roxy Lane.

Kyogle mayor Ernie Bennett said the application required more work but he believed the development was a good thing for the town.

"It is a very positive thing for Kyogle because we have had a few kicks in the guts lately, namely the Norply fire and the January floods," he said.

"A new supermarket will help people feel good about the town."

Mr Bennett said before the application could be advertised environmental and RTA reports needed to be done.

"We are happy to work with the developers to progress the application as quickly as possible for everyone's benefit," he said.

AusDevelopments' Nigel Mercer said IGA had a need for a bigger supermarket in Kyogle.

"There is a leakage of grocery business from Kyogle to Lismore and Casino and there is a desire to recapture that business," he said.

"The present supermarket is too small and the economy in Kyogle is big enough to support a bigger supermarket."

Mr Mercer said January floods had forced a change in the aspect of the development.

"The flood level was higher than expected and we had to reposition the building so we could raise it an extra half-a-metre," he said.

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