Kirklands apologises for chaos

By NERIDA BLOK, Lismore City Reporter

KIRKLANDS boss Peter Shepherd yesterday admitted the last four week's had not been the bus company's finest.

The general manager apologised for inconveniencing passengers with the chaos created after school bus routes were changed at the end of April.

"In business and in life there are lessons to be learnt," he said. "We have learned some and now we are moving forward. It's difficult to make a change of this nature and make everyone a winner.

Mr Shepherd said some experiences of the new timetable fell short of their expectations.

He said it would be another difficult week ahead as Kirklands returned to their old bus routes for all school and town services on Monday, with the same number of buses and the same number of drivers.

"We want to do the best we can in reinstating the old timetable, but we would appreciate the co-operation of the community," he said.

"We are not being reluctant. It is being directed by the DirectorGeneral of Transport, but we are not doing it dragging, kicking and screaming."

Yesterday, Ministry of Transport Director-General John Lee reiterated his direction to Kirklands that it must revert to its previous timetable by Monday.

Mr Lee said Kirklands must ensure it communicated this change as a necessary step in solving the problems created by its newly-implemented timetable. "Reverting to the old timetable is only an interim measure and is the first step in solving these issues over the longer term."

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