Keep your eyes on the road

ANTHONY STENBO used to get so distracted while driving that his wife Sharon made him sell their car.

Now the couple get around on a push bike one walks while the other rides.

Sharon has given Anthony a fair share of cheek about it, but according to the NRMA, he is not alone.

The NRMA is warning drivers to focus on the road over the busy Easter period, after a survey has revealed male drivers are more likely to end up in an accident because they've been distracted.

"I took the car off him because he would get so distracted, checking out cars and women," Sharon, of West Ballina, said.

"We've had a few near misses, like nearly going down the wrong side of the road.

"Women can multitask. They know how to gasbag and drive at the same time."

The NRMA surveyed more than 1350 motorists about their driving habits.

Eight per cent of men admitted to having crashed because they were distracted, compared with 5 per cent of women.

Thirty per cent of men reported near misses, compared to 20 per cent of women.

Alarmingly, 75 per cent of the drivers admitted to taking their eyes off the road to do something else while they were driving.

Anthony blamed 'talkative' women passengers for being distracting, giving his wife a cheeky grin as he did so.

But Anthony also admitted to having eaten pies, rolling cigarettes, and looking at the view out the window while he was driving.

"I've stopped doing that now though," he said.

NRMA director Carol Taylor said drivers knew which be-%haviours were dangerous, but many still allowed themselves to be distracted.

"Those travelling over Easter need to keep their focus on the driving task because a few%seconds of inattention can have tragic consequences," she said.

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