Kate?s on top of the world with her 98.35


DESPITE receiving a UAI of 98.35, Kate McDowell was so apprehensive about finding out her HSC results she misplaced the PIN needed to access her marks.

"I didn't want to look. I was going to wait until after New Year's," Kate said.

On Friday, when HSC marks became available, the 17-year-old St John's College Woodlawn student was more concerned with completing her driving test.

"When I woke up in the morning I didn't even think about looking. My results weren't even on my mind," Kate, of East Lismore, said.

"My mind was taken up with the driving test, which I failed.

"It was about four in the afternoon and Mrs Jones, my curriculum adviser, rang me and she was so excited.

"She asked if I had my results and I said I hadn't looked. She said she had them right there and it was easier for her to just tell me.

"My parents were saying 'just let her tell you'.

"I had three people convincing me at once.

"I wouldn't have looked if not for Mrs Jones ringing."

Kate, who is holidaying at Lennox Head for two weeks, received over 90 in all of her subjects, a result that not only produced one of the highest UAI's in the Northern Rivers, but also saw her included in the All-Rounders List.

She said she was particularly proud of her achievement because she chose not to study subjects such as maths and science, typically believed to boost a UAI.

Instead, Kate studied drama, visual arts and four units of English, as well as ancient history by correspondence.

"A lot of people told me to do maths. But I said I'd rather work hard at what I liked," she said.

"I did chemistry in Year 11 and decided that rather than doing 12 units (another subject) and doing chemistry for the marks, I'd do what I wanted to do.

"Most people I know who did chemistry got marks (for that subject) in the 80s. It's a lot harder to get the higher marks.

"I think with any subject, if you do well at it, you will get a good UAI."

However, Kate won't be using her UAI to get into tertiary study next year.

She plans to move to Holland and nanny for a year before looking for acting roles.

"I want to do acting," she said.

"I've been in a theatre company since Year 5.

"When I get back I'll work for a year and audition."

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