Young Lismore leg-spinner Jake Nind, whose father Richard and grandfather Keith also played for Southern Districts.
Young Lismore leg-spinner Jake Nind, whose father Richard and grandfather Keith also played for Southern Districts.

Its in the blood for this young leggie

By ADAM HICKS HE WAS five years younger and 30cm shorter than most of the opposition, but Jake Nind shone for the Lismore / Ballina Under-19s against a New Zealand representative cricket team this week.

The ambidextrous 14-year-old was brought on as the fourth-change bowler against the Canterbury Country Development XI in a day-night match at Oakes Oval, Lismore, on Thursday.

The Canterbury Under-19s had battered the hosts’ pace attack and were cruising at 1-125 before Nind delivered a six-wicket counter-punch. At first he made no impact.

His right-arm leg-spinners were smashed for 12 runs from the first over.

Undeterred, Nind played a cat- and-mouse game, lobbing it up and enticing the batsmen to play shots.

“I just tried to lob it up and make the batter go for them, and if it turns or they miss, I might have them,” Nind said.

“I was bowling into the wind, so I lobbed it up higher and got a lot of drop.

“There was a bit of turn, but slow. I was just lobbing it up.”

Opener Shannon Donald was the first to go. Out for 32. Next was New Zealand Under-19 squad member Matt Laffey, caught for four.

When Lee Moore followed for a duck the Kiwis had slipped to 4-136.

As the wickets continued to fall, Canterbury coach Blair Franklin watched helplessly from the grandstand.

“They should be getting into him but they’re not,” Franklin said.

“He should be going for a lot of runs. He’s so slow through the air; they have to hit it really hard rather than use their feet and have it come on to the bat.

“He is a good little player.”

Lismore / Ballina manager Shane Jacobs said Jake was the latest in the line of Ninds to have excelled for Lismore club Southern Districts, following Jake’s father Richard and grandfather Keith.

“If he was a racehorse he would be worth millions on his breeding alone,” Jacobs said.

By the end of the innings, Jake had claimed 6-33 from his 10 overs, including three maidens.

The Canterbury outfit notched up 9-208 and bowled extremely well to stop Lismore /Ballina at 174. Nind batted at No 11 and finished on 4 not out in a losing team.

But his bowling performance was something to be proud of. “They just came out all right,” he said.

SCOREBOARD CANTERBURY COUNTRY DEVELOPMENT XI v LISMORE / BALLINA INVIATIONAL XI (at Oakes Oval, Lismore, on Thursday night) CANTERBURY COLTS innings: T Hills, c Nind b Crawford 38 S Donald c Barnard b Nind 32 L Bartholomeusz, c Lewis b Barnard5 47 M Laffey, c Parrish b Nind 4 L Moore, c Pickford b Nind 0 C Hall, c Pickford b Nind 2 B Chapman, not out 40 J Sheat, b Nind 10 D Munro, st Knapman b Nind 1 J Fitzgerald, b Meade 0 A Rogers, not out 15 Sundries (3b 8lb 5w 3nb)5 19 TOTAL5 9-209 Fall: 51 (Hills) 125 (Donald) 129 (Laffey) 136 (Moore) 136 (Bartholomeusz) 140 (Hall) 166 (Sheat) 169 (Munro) 178 (Fitzgerald). Bowling: M Parrish 6-1-24-0, J Cowin 8-0-52-0, A Meades 7-1-28-1, A Crawford 5-1-36-1, L Barnard 10-4-30-1, J Nind 10-3-33-6, J Lewis 4-1-14-0. LISMORE / BALLINA innings: J Fleming, c Needham b Laffey 23 J Mapstone, c Chapman b Fitzgerald 11 M Pickford, c Moore b Fitzgerald 21 K Hamilton, c Sheat b Fitzgerald 2 J Rudgely, lbw Munro 19 J Lewis, lbw Laffey 8 M Parrish, c and b Fitzgerald 41 J Cowin, c Sheat b Munro 0 M Knapman, run out 13 A Crawford, b Rogers 15 J Nind, not out 4 Sundries (4b 3lb 6w 3nb) 16 TOTAL5 174 Bowling: A Rogers 9.5-2-21-1, M Needham 4-0-14-0, J Fitzgerald 10-0-41-4, T Hills 3-0-16-0, M Laffey 10-2-33-2, D Munro 10-3-31-2, S Donald 2-0-11-0. Canterbury Country Colts won.

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