Housemate taken prisoner after shotgun blast, murder court toldIAN DUGGAN awoke to a shotgun blast.

Moments later Anthony Apps appeared at his door, covered with the blood of Mr Duggan's housemate, Christopher Lamb, and threatened to kill him too.

"I just shot Chris, so let's get the hell out of here," police facts report Apps, who has since pleaded guilty to murdering Lamb in 2003, telling Mr Duggan.

"If you don't do what I'm telling you, I'll do the same thing to you as to Chris."

Apps then fired the 12gauge Winchester shotgun again, this time narrowly missing Mr Duggan.

"You're next if you open your mouth."

Police facts, seen by The Northern Star, reveal for the first time that Apps, who is being sentenced for the murder this week, took a prisoner after killing Lamb, 42, at his rented farmhouse near Maclean.

The facts say Apps ordered Mr Duggan into Lamb's red Holden Commodore and kept him with him for more than 30 hours.

After Apps released him near Maclean, Mr Duggan gave police the information they needed to find the car and lead them to the killer.

Autopsy results revealed in the facts say Apps shot Lamb at close range in the back of the head with the shotgun about 9am on Sunday, November 2, 2003.

The results suggest Lamb had been bending over or crouched on his knees ? possibly reaching for the telephone ? when he was shot.

His parents, Raymond and Betty Lamb, of Yamba, yesterday told the Supreme Court in Lismore in a victim impact statement that the murder had left them filled with constant anger and anguish.

"The sense of anger I experience toward Christopher's murderer is overwhelming," Mrs Lamb said.

"The anger feels like it is consuming me and, of course, feeling such anger does not change anything.

"I have no avenue to release the anger.

"... With God's help I hope I will live long enough to see that his murderer gets the punishment he deserves for his crime.

"This is another reaction I have to losing Christopher; the desperate need to see his killer punished. I think about it constantly."

Mr and Mrs Lamb described their son as a generous man and a loving son who had enriched their lives with his companionship and his help.

"He showed kindness and affection and was always ready to help us in any way he could with tasks we were unable to do," Mr Lamb said.

Mr Duggan is expected to give evidence about the murder in the Supreme Court in Lismore today.

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