HE'S been spat at, shouldered by opponents and sworn at.

His coach has been close to fisticuffs on his behalf and his love-life has been well documented.

And that's all before Wednesday night's absolute thriller win over David Nalbandian, which set him up for tonight's semi-final against Andy Roddick.

You can say what you want, but Lleyton Hewitt's life is definitely not boring.

But are his on-court antics starting to go too far?

During the past fortnight it has been the talking point of the Australian Open.

Some say his conduct on the court is the height of bad sportsmanship.

His repeated 'C'mons' at the end of a point, even if his opponent made an error and he didn't hit the winner, is starting to wear thin with players and some spectators.

On the other hand, is Hewitt being treated unfairly?

After all he is only 23 years old and all he does is show emotion on the court.

The Northern Star tennis columnist and former tour player Geoff Tobin believes Hewitt's antics are over the top.

"From the players' perspective, I think he is trying to put them off," Tobin said.

"They get upset because they think he should be fair.

"There is a certain fairness about tennis which is being eroded.

"There's always been gamesmanship, but this is taking it a bit too far.

"Notice how it is only the decent (fair) players who don't like it.

"They try and play fairly and try and show him a certain respect and they're not getting it back."

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