Glass a Nimbinwinner


WHAT the medals for Nimbin's Mardi Grass Hemp Olympix lack in gold, silver and bronze, they make up for in craftsmanship.

Nimbin resident Michael Murphy has designed 30 glass medallions for the Hemp Olympix and is now making them by hand.

When finished, the medallions will be handed out to winners when the Mardi Grass signature event winds up with the Olympix on Monday, May 1.

Mr Murphy said making the medals was delicate work.

"I've had a fine-art training background, and have been working with glass for more than 25 years.

"It's a very precise art," he said.

Mr Murphy is looking forward to the Mardi Grass, the festival organised by the Nimbin Hemp Embassy.

"I'll be taking any opportunity to get in- volved," he said.

Mr Murphy was getting a hand in his job from Lismore resident Rohan Williams.

"We're making the medals with transparent colours for first, second, and third, while also trying to update them and change them from last year," Mr Williams said.

British tourists Jon Tupper, Lauren Brown and Jonno Johnstone got to try on some of the medals last week ? a minor compensation for missing the festival itself.

They got a taste of the festivities last week when they tried on the medals created by Mr Murphy for the Olympix.

He said the festival, which runs over an evening and two days from April 29, reflects the relaxed lifestyle of Nimbin.

Their work is also serving as a tantalising preview to the festival.

This is the 13th annual Mardi Grass, and includes events like the Pickers' Ball, Hemp Olympix and cannabis discussion forums.

Entry to the festival is $15 for a day or $20 for a weekend pass.

Anyone who could not afford to pay for a ticket could earn a full weekend pass by doing four hours of volunteer work on the festival.

For details on Nimbin Mardi Grass call 66891842.

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