Foreigners? spark a prizemoney exodus

Out-of-towners cleaned up in the annual three-night Lismore Workers Heights Electric Light Triples, with the top three pay-outs going to teams from Byron Bay, Evans Head and Casino.

Mick Anderson and his Byron Bay partners Wayne Earea and Dick de Witt pocketed the major share, $1200, scoring five wins plus 58.

Ted Butler, Geoff Hetherington and Rod Farmer (Evans Head) ran the Bay team close with five wins plus 36. They finished clear of David Ball's four wins plus 44 third-placed Casino RSM team which had Brian Nixon as second and East Lismore's Daniel Foster leading.

Ball, four times runner-up in this tourney, faltered in the first round, going down by a mere one shot, but was undefeated after that.

Farmer's team, second going into the final round, was never in front in it until the last bowl of the tournament. Four down on the board, down in the head, Farmer trailed the kitty for five shots and the $600 second prize.

Brunswick Heads' zone champion Alf Boston, two-up after his last bowl and a protected one-down in the head, watched in horror as Mark Thorley (South Lismore) drew around the pack and trailed the kitty for three shots, relegating Boston from a certain third placing to 11th.

Perce Langby (South Lismore) spoilt the party for Nimbin's Nugents ? Bill, Warren and Ray. The Nimbinites brought along a busload of supporters when they went into the final night unbeaten, but a form reversal by Langby put them out of the running.

In the eight years of the Electric Light Triples this series was the most exciting, says Heights' bowls co-ordinator John Kinsella. He praised the performances of first and second year bowlers who took part.

"All are distinctly talented and likely to play an important part in the advancement of our sport into the future," Kinsella said.

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