Footage will show argument over money in murder case

By Helen Jack

CORAKI'S Sandra Dorothy Cavanough, 22, appeared in Lismore Supreme Court yesterday charged with the murder of her partner Stuart John Day in January last year.

Admitting to killing her partner, Cavanough pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Twelve members of the jury heard that on the night of January 20, 2006, at Wooli Caravan Park, Cavanough stabbed Day, 34, in the back with a 25cm knife, severing a major artery, his left lung and an airway, resulting in his death.

Cavanough and Day's relationship began nearly three years before that and was described by Cavanough's defence lawyer, Mr Bruce, as dysfunctional and violent.

After visiting Day's parents at Alstonville on the day in question, Cavanough and Day travelled to Wooli to spend the night in Day's family caravan at Wooli Caravan Park. Day was instructed by his mother to pick up the key to the van from a friend living at the park, who was at the Wooli Bowling Club.

The jury was told video footage taken at the club shows Cavanough harassing Day to return her money.

Following Day back to the caravan park, Cavanough's loud demands for her money were heard by other park patrons including a threat by Cavanough "give me my money back or I will stab you again".

Day staggered to a nearby caravan, asked for help before he collapsed.

The trial continues today.

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