Fake $50 notes passed in Lismore


LISMORE Police have issued a warning to businesses after a spate of counterfeit $50 notes have turned up in the CBD over the past three days.

Richmond Local Area Command crime prevention officer, Senior Constable Michael Hogan, said seven fake notes had been handed in to the station from vari- ous food outlets, charities and other reputable businesses in the Lismore CBD over the past 36 hours.

"Unfortunately the notes haven't been identified as fakes until the end of the day when the money is counted," he said.

Const Hogan said the notes came from a similar source and could be identified by the first letters of the serial number, CM04.

He said the notes were easily identifiable because they were made from paper and did not feel the same as authentic notes.

Similar $50 notes surfaced last December, with two more counterfeit $100 notes found in Kyogle and Nimbin before Christmas.

Police are advising cashiers to be extra vigilant when taking money, and if they do receive a fake note to verbally confront the person and take note of their age, hair colour, height, and which direction in which they leave.

"Staff need to have a proper look at any notes that they are given, because if they take that money to the bank they will not get it reimbursed," Const Hogan said.

"It is a serious offence and at this time we have several officers working on the case, but not many leads at this time."

Contact police immediately a suspicious note is passed over.

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