Dust mites feel at home in Lismore


DUST mites prefer living in Lismore to anywhere else in the world.

High humidity and heat levels make this region perfect for the mites.

Respiratory co-ordinator at the North Coast Area Health Service, Cecily Barrack, said a recent scientific survey which sampled homes across Australia and the world, found Lismore had the worst case of house dust mite infestation.

"Our climate is ideal. They love to live in bedding because people spend a lot of time there and it's moist and warm," she said.

"It's not the actual mite that reacts with our airways if we have a problem with asthma, it's what they excrete.

"Asthma is a problem on the Northern Rivers," Ms Barrack said.

Garry Haynes, 44, of Lismore, said dust mites were one of the top five allergies that could kill him.

The employee of Gary Bryants Mattress Discounts said the other four life-threatening allergies were peanuts, eggs, prawns and penicillin.

"I was a pretty sickly kid, but I'm all right now because I know how to manage it. I sleep on a latex pillow and mattress, which is important," he said.

Garry said he found swimming in his saltwater pool and going to the beach also helped.

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