D-day and Kirklands no better, say parents


"KIRKLANDS are trying to buy me off," said McKees Hill mother Pam Goulding yesterday.

"They're trying to shut up all the people who have been making the biggest fuss about their bus timetable changes.

"They have offered individual arrangements for some families, like mine, but hundreds of others continue to be worse off."

Mrs Goulding had complained that her children were being collected from Lismore South Public School at 3.17pm but not arriving home until 5pm.

Kirklands have rung her with an offer to collect her children at 4pm on the second sweep the bus makes past the school.

"But it's just not right. Why should I be the only parent that gets this luxury?" she said.

Today is D-Day for Kirklands ? the day by which the NSW Transport Ministry has demanded they fix the bus timetable fiasco.

But many buses are still running late and are overcrowded, a number of concerned parents have told The Northern Star.

A spokesman for the Ministry said they were still assessing feedback coming in from families and would be preparing a statement on the issue today, with a decision about how they will proceed to be made on Monday.

"It's too early to be talking about tearing up the contract," the spokesman said. "We have to follow due process."

Peter Shepherd, Kirklands' business general manager, yesterday did not return The Northern Star's calls.

Tamsin Jackson, a Uralba parent irate about the timetables, said she had spoken to dozens of families and found only two who felt there had been any improvements.

"We want the old timetable back," she said.

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