Coroner refuses to release post-mortem results

By Zoe Satherley

Two weeks after Simone Strobel's death in Lismore CBD, the Northern Rivers community is no closer to finding out whether or not she was murdered.

The NSW Coroner is refusing to release post-mortem results and yesterday issued this short statement: "The release or otherwise of post-mortem information is a matter for the Coroner. No further comment."

The Northern Star approached Police Minister Carl Scully and Attorney-General Bob Debus who both refused to comment.

This refusal follows a flurry of activity in Maclean yesterday when police arrested a man resembling the Comfit image which was released earlier in the week.

Initial hopes there had been a major breakthrough were dashed when the man was released later in the day.

Meanwhile in Lismore, Police Rescue Squad officers continued sifting through 500 tonnes or rubbish at the Lismore tip for any clues to Simone's death.

A Lismore City Council employee found a small knife and an item of clothing near to where Simone's body was found on the Monday following her disappearance.

The council employee was cleaning rubbish from the area around Oakes Oval and unwittingly disposed of the item of clothing and the knife in a rubbish bin, without realising the possible connection.

Later, he contacted police after reading about the possible murder in The Northern Star.

Police immediately cordoned off the area of the tip where the waste would have been dumped.

While State Government ministers were being tight-lipped yesterday, Member for Lismore, Thomas George, was happy to speak with The Northern Star.

Asked if he thought the community was being kept informed about the progress of police investigations, he said he could understand why information might be withheld for a short period.

"They would be doing this for a good reason. They'd have to have a good reason," he said.

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