Cattleman has a beef with abattoir


BILL BOLIN is chasing answers.

Secretary of Richmond River Beef Producers' Association and Kyogle cattle producer, Mr Bolin has accused Casino's Northern Co-operative Meat Company of refusing to process some customers' cattle, and he wants to know why.

"The co-operative is a service works and we have always been told their job is to attract customers and kill their meat," he said.

"We now have factual evidence of two customers who were refused entry.

"When you learn the co-op is turning away business, it is a big concern."

Mr Bolin said if customers wishing to kill cattle at the meatworks were being turned away, the effect was reduced competition at the Casino saleyards.

"Those buyers will not compete for cattle here," he said. "Especially for vealers.

"In an auction system, the more bidding against your cattle, the better."

Mr Bolin also believes the co-operative is not utilising its plant to maximum capacity.

"We know for sure they are only operating four days of the week," he said. "The capacity is there to kill more."

Co-op chairman Peter Carlill declined to respond to Mr Bolin's specific accusations, deferring comment until the co-operative's annual general meeting on November 8.

Mr Carlill said Mr Bolin represented a small minority group, 'some of which are not members of our co-operative'.

"He and his associates are entitled to a point of view," Mr Carlill said.

"However, they are not vested with the control and management of the co-operative, our Board has that responsibility.

"It is at our AGM where co-operative members will be given the opportunity to express their point of view.

"Other than that, we will not be entering into any debate or discussion prior to the AGM."

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