Casino recipes set the world on fire


ADELLA VOGT knows all about pleasure and pain, and she even has the recipe.

The secret recipe, passed down through four generations of her family, is the basis for the knock 'em dead chilli sauces, relishes and chutneys her son Victor now markets all over the world.

"I am very proud of him," said Mrs Vogt, of Casino.

"Pleasure and Pain is a really hot chilli sauce he makes and he puts it over anything.

"At the different shows and festivals he goes to he will pour it over people's ice-cream and tell them to taste it.

"At first they groan, but when they hit the ice-cream they love it.

"He even uses it with tequila.

"They would stand there and taste it and the tears would run down their faces and they'd think it was beautiful."

Victor started selling his mother's relishes, chutneys and sauces nearly 15 years ago.

"He had no factory. He would make it at his home in huge pots on the stove," she said.

"I went down to help him once and as soon as we had cooked and bottled one lot we would start another.

"Now the operation has got so big he gets someone to make it for him."

Now living in Victoria, Victor said he began taking his sizzling sauces, chutneys and relishes to festivals in the US five years ago.

"We now annually attend the Fiery Food and Barbecue Show in Albuquerque, the Hot Sauce Festival in Houston, and the Dallas and Fort Worth Zesty Food Show," he said.

"We have won 10 awards over three years across the three festivals."

Victor's range now includes such scorchers as the Billinsky, Arse Dropper, the Bee Sting and Bad Habits.

"All of these recipes, except for the sauces, were based on Adella's recipes and I just put the punch into it," he said.

"And the punch is like a freight train hitting you.

"Some of these sauces are the hottest natural sauces in the world.

"We are now waiting for Halal approval from the Islam- ic Council of Australia to sell into the Muslim market, then the sky's the limit."

Mrs Vogt said she could not remember a time there wasn't chilli something in her life.

"My mum used to make the chilli recipes for my father and the family," she said.

"She even used to make chilli wine. It was very re- freshing, just beautiful."

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