Carney to feature at Byron Bay Triathlon

FOR aspiring young triathletes and Olympic competitors, Emma Carney's appearance at the Byron Bay Triathlon this year is a great opportunity to talk to and learn from one of the best.

Emma Carney dominated women's triathlons with 12 straight World Cup event wins from 1995 to 1997, and a bag of wins and places until 2004.

She will be Becton's guest athlete and event ambassador at the Olympic distance Byron Bay Triathlon on Saturday, May 12.

But Carney's bravery as an athlete is nothing compared to her determination in battling a debilitating heart complaint.

Emma Carney collapsed in 2004 with a hard to detect, but potentially life threatening condition called ventricular tachycardia.

"My condition causes the heart to beat out of control," she said.

"When I went for an anaerobic sprint, the body's electrical impulses that regulate heartbeat would go haywire. Instead of the powerful, regular, high volume beat of oxygen carrying blood, my heart would just beat super fast and out of control."

Working with her cardiologist, Carney managed her condition through a more controlled level of training.

She is no newcomer to the Byron Bay course, having won the event in 2000 and finished second the following year.

For an hour before the event Carney will sign posters in the lead-up to the start and chat with aspiring young triathletes.

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