SUPPORTER: Diana Fisher.
SUPPORTER: Diana Fisher.

Cancer Council joins fight for cancer unit

By Brian Bigg THE Cancer Council of NSW has joined the campaign for a new radiotherapy unit for Lismore.

The Cancer Council's Far North Coast Regional Programs Co-ordinator, Diana Fisher, said she was heartened by the coming together of the community to address what she described as a vital issue for the people of this region.

"We must make sure we get the facilities we deserve on the Northern Rivers," she said. "We've been advocating for some time for this to be built.

"We're concerned cancer patients are disadvantaged having to travel out of the area. They suffer additional stress by having to travel when they are already under stress from their treatment.

"I have someone tell me at least once a fortnight about the problems they or their loved ones are having."

Ms Fisher says the North Coast Health Service is well aware of what the Cancer Council thinks about the issue.

She has been pushing for some time to bring it to the attention of State authorities.

"With our population being older than the State average it becomes more urgent. We need to get support from the State," she said.

"This should be a priority for this area.

"We don't think 2010 is soon enough. It's not a matter of just getting assistance for cancer sufferers, it s a matter of making it easier for them."

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