ADVENTURE GONE WRONG: Ron Llewellyn, of Brunswick Heads, on his yacht before the storm hit.
ADVENTURE GONE WRONG: Ron Llewellyn, of Brunswick Heads, on his yacht before the storm hit.

Brunswick sailor?s help plea from ?end of the world


BRUNSWICK Heads adventurer Ron Llewellyn is calling for help from 'the end of the world'.

The skipper of the sloop 'Sula' is at the world's southernmost city, Ushaia in Argentina, after being caught in a violent storm that smashed his vessel off Cape Horn on the tip of South America.

In freezing Arctic winds up to 120 Knots the experienced solo sailor, who was a member of the SAS, struggled to keep his head above water as his yacht was tossed and rolled in rough seas 375 nautical miles off Cape Horn on February 4, snapping its single mast and taking on large amounts of water.

Reading from emails sent by his dad, Ron's son, Rob Llewellyn, of Ocean Shores, described how his father used only the yacht's onboard engine to chance a six-day return journey around the tip of the South American continent, to reach safety and supplies at Ushaia, a main base for Antarctic adventures and expeditions.

"I am now at a point where I have come to terms with my situation, which is I am broke and stranded at the end of the world with a major repair bill to pay for," Rob read from the email.

Ron had been at sea since November 15 last year, when he sailed out of Brunswick Heads for his second solo circumnavigation of the globe. But that plan went awry on February 4 when he fell victim to the 'Roaring Forties' winds off Cape Horn.

He is now stranded; likely to wait months or even years for the repairs needed to make Sula sea- worthy again.

Rob said he had since spoken with his father by phone, but he was uncertain as to when he would see his father next.

"Dad's had plenty of near-death experiences before, but I think this really shook him up," Rob said.

"I spoke with him after he was able to find a phone and it was great to talk to him and tell him I love him. I don't know when I'll see him again, but to survive something like that I guess it means he is meant to be around."

Perth friends, Christine and Dennis Bounds, are raising funds to help get Ron back on the water. So far $3500 has been raised.

"Neighbours of dad's from when he lived in the harbour at Brunswick Heads are also helping out by taking over some basic hardware supplies like nails and screws," Rob said.

"They had plans to fly to Chile and they will mail stuff to him from there. A few of dad's former colleagues and my friends have also given, because we don't know how much repairs at the end of the earth will cost."

To help, email Christine and Dennis Bound at

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