Simone's boyfriend lashes out at police after body found

Image taken from a recording of police interview with Tobias Suckfuell, February 2005.
Image taken from a recording of police interview with Tobias Suckfuell, February 2005. Channel 7

FROM the depths of his grief, Tobias Suckfuell has accused police of not taking him seriously when he reported his girlfriend missing.

The boyfriend of Simone Strobel rang me yesterday. He was distraught, angry and frustrated. Tobias speaks good English and he pleaded with me to publish his story. This is what he had to say.

"The police wasted three days. They kept telling me not to worry, that she would turn up in Nimbin or Byron Bay or on a commune. They said she may be on drugs.

"But I know my girlfriend. She didn't do things like that and she didn't use hard drugs.

"I pleaded with them last weekend to get a sniffer dog, but they told me it would take a long time to get one sent.

"Not long ago, Simone and I were stopped in our van and checked out by sniffer dogs. They'll get a dog to look for drugs, but not for a human life.

"When they did finally get the dog ? six days later ? they found the body straight away. Later on they tried to tell me it was a cop, not the dog, that made the discovery.

"It's like kindergarten cops.

"There are too many unanswered questions. A detective told me they were working on the case around the clock, but when I rang the police station late on Wednesday night I was told to call back in the morning because the detectives didn't work after 11pm."

At this point Tobias's grief overcame him. He concluded: "I can't change what has happened. But I hope it will make a difference in the future. Maybe in the next couple of years if someone goes missing, the police will do a better job for someone else.

"She lay dead for six days just a hundred metres away from me."

n The police have expressed satisfaction with the nature of their investigation. They say they launched a search within hours of the report that Simone was missing.

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