Bob just likes the old-fashioned girls


BOB Wilson may be the Alstonville Showgirl co-ordinator, but don't get him started on modern-day fashion.

"Those hipster things don't impress me much," he said.

"In my day girls always got dressed-up nice to go out to dances and (socialise), and there are still a lot who do.

"But it seems we live in an age where a lot of women have got away from the feminine look.

"You see a lot of beautiful young ladies getting around in ragged gear, and if you could give them a bit of make-up and dress them up they would be more appealing to the younger males.

"Remember you're talking to a person who's 58. I'm a bit old-fashioned. I've still got the values Mum and Dad taught."

Mr Wilson said the showgirl competition was a great reason for women to get dressed-up.

"People have come to associate the show with the showgirls. They are part of the make-up of the show," he said.

"I've got a lot of respect for the girls and the competition brings out the best in them. They look absolutely beautiful, and they get confidence from speaking in public.

"The show used to be a thing to get dressed-up for. These girls help us revisit a time of finery."

Four women have entered the competition for 2004, and the showgirl will be announced at the show on Saturday.

The 2003 Showgirl, Karen Hicks, said she would not have dressed-up if not a showgirl entrant.

"I think the show is a casu- al affair," she said.

"I love getting dressed-up and if people started doing it again I would do it for sure. I love the show, but you don't want to come and get all dressed-up and stand out."

Ms Hicks said she enjoyed being showgirl. "It was a great experience, I'm glad I did it.

It's given me so much confidence," she said.

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