Ballina councillor calls for B-doubles ban


B-DOUBLE trucks should be banned from the Pacific Highway, Ballina deputy mayor John Felsch said yesterday.

Cr Felsch made his comments after a man was killed and two others were injured in an accident involving a B-double truck and two vehicles at the Tintenbar Road junction yesterday morning.

"The T-section is crazy. The speed limit for trucks is 70km/h along that piece of the Pacific Highway but they do 100km/h at least," he said.

Cr Felsch said Bdoubles should be restricted to the New England Highway.

"We need to put them back where they belong," he said.

"Our road is not big enough.

"If we keep them off the road we've got a better chance of reducing the carnage," he said.

"The Government should give B-double drivers the $100 they're saving on fuel and get them off our highway.

"B-doubles turn over, run off the road and are too big to control.

"Once they lose the wheel, they lose the truck."

Cr Felsch believes the only person who can fix the problem is NSW Roads Minister Michael Costa.

He also asked how much financial strain such accidents placed on the community.

"How much money was spent on the ambulance, fire trucks, police officers and the concentration of equipment, not to mention the insurance claims that will follow?" he said.

"Our country can't afford it. No country can."

Cr Felsch said he became passionate about making the roads safer after members of his family died in an accident involving a truck.

"My cousin, his wife, child and grandmother were killed when his car collided with a semi-trailer. When you watch four coffins being lowered into the ground you start to feel bad," he said.

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