Ballina begins hunt for new GM


BALLINA'S new general manager will have to leap tall buildings in a single bound, quipped selection committee member Cr Keith Johnson yesterday.

While Cr Johnson may have been joking, there is a small grain of truth behind the statement.

Candidates have to meet a minimum of 12 criteria points, including advanced communication and financial skills, leader- ship powers, strength of purpose, a common-sense approach and the ability to work in a team.

Fifty-two applicants from as far afield as England and New Zealand submitted resumes for the position by its Valentines Day closing date.

Ballina mayor Phil Silver said he was "pleased but not surprised by the response".

A coastal lifestyle sweetened by a negotiable $170,000 package is the main attraction, according to Cr Sharon Cadwal- lader.

Council declined to renew the contract of former general manager Stuart McPherson last October.

He left mid-January after a negotiated early termination.

A selection committee, comprising Crs Silver, Cadwallader, Brown and Johnson, will interview a short-list of seven on February 28 and March 1.

Council will make the final decision on March 3.

Applicants are mostly from New South Wales, including several locals and some former residents.

Approachability was a leading criteria for Cr Cadwallader.

Cr Brown stressed leadership skills and a strong personality.

The ability to walk on water and willingness to be nailed to a cross at the end of the fiveyear contract would

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