An Aussie tour where size matters


TIM HARTIGAN knows lots about big things. Like the 1011.7 hectare farm he grew up on in Tamworth, and the town's Big Golden Guitar. "But I think Ballina's Big Prawn would have to be the biggest thing we have seen so far," he said. Tim, 31, and his travelling companion, Kristy Templeton, 25, of Sydney, are the winners of a competition propelling them around Australia rating 50 'big things'. So far they have seen a big buffalo, crocodile, peanut, cassowary, gumboot, barramundi, crab and pelican to name just a few. "We have eight criteria on which to judge each one, rating them within each criteria from one to 10," Kristy said. Tim said their combined findings from each 'big thing' visited was submitted to as they went along. "So we don't know how they are rating against each other," he said. "We won't know until the end of the tour." So which 'big thing' do they think is the most impressive so far? "We always think the one we are seeing is the biggest so far, until we see the next one," Tim said. By the end of their journey, the pair will have covered 22,700 kilometres in 27 days, from the Northern Territory to Tasmania, and all States in between. So what is the most interesting 'big thing' the pair has seen so far? "A big crocodile over the bar in the pub at Adelaide River," Kristy said. "It was the crocodile that starred in the movie Crocodile Dundee, and when it died in 2000 the locals spent $20,000 to have it stuffed. "And it's not even on our list of big things." The winning 'big thing' will be posted on the web site after October 5.

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