DISCARD WINNER: Michael Bevan takes stock during the ING Cup final last Sunday.
DISCARD WINNER: Michael Bevan takes stock during the ING Cup final last Sunday.

Adam?s not apple of his eye - Flat track bully

OUTSTANDING young Eastern Districts batsman Joel Parrey must be having nightmares about Casino Cavaliers captain Adam Shields.

Twice in the space of 24 hours last weekend, Parrey was dismissed by Shields.

Easts and Casino played each other in a one-day semi-final on Friday night and then again on Saturday in the penultimate round of the two-day competition.

Shields, who describes himself as a gentle medium-pacer, removed the teenager in both matches via a pitched up in-swinger that got through Parrey's defence.

What's more it took the Casino captain three balls each time to do it.

"The balls were almost identical," Shields said.

Parrey has had a remarkable rise during the summer.

The schoolboy has cracked first grade with Easts and played in nearly every representative junior and senior team.

So he shouldn't feel too bad ... it seems it was just Shields' weekend.

The former Australian Country representative went on to take three wickets in each match as well as a scoring 42 and 123 with the bat.

Not bad for 24 hours work.

Back to the Pot

NORMALLY you would consider a Lobster Pot reunion an opportunity to eat a fisherman's basket with a couple of mates.

But don't be fooled.

The Lobster Pot was actually a club that played in the Ballina District Cricket Association in the late 1960s through to the 1980s.

They are having a reunion at former old Lobster Pot Hotel (now Paddy McGinty's) on April 23.

The club was formed in 1969 and initially only had one team, but towards the end of the 1970s it had a first and second grade team.

Many of its players were promising juniors from Ballina High School.

The first president of the club, Allen Savins, and its first captain, Clyde Beddoes, will be in attendance, each travelling long distances from Tasmania and North Queensland.

The team had some very capable players in its ranks, including Shane Clifford, Peter Leeson, Brian Moore and Brian 'Nugget' Langley.

The Lobster Pot was also one of the first clubs in the region to make an annual pilgrimage to the Gabba for the first Test of the summer, a tradition now continued by local teams.

Pat Carney, one of the organisers of the reunion, is keen to establish contact with ex-players who would like to attend. Already a large number have indicated they will be in attendance.

Any ex-players interested in attending can contact Pat on 6683 4360 or Ken Condon on 6683 4360 for further information.

All-rounder Andrew

In Lismore District second grade on Saturday, Andrew Pederson scored 102 not out in Kyogle's second innings of 2-155 in a successful pursuit of outright points against Norths at Kyogle.

Pederson hit seven sixes and eight fours on the way to his century.

It just goes to show what a good sportsman he is.

Some years ago Pederson was contracted to join the Parramatta Rugby League Club.

A brilliant young halfback or fullback, Pederson was due to leave Kyogle and move to Sydney when he was involved in a car accident.

He badly injured his leg and has not been able to play football since.

Following in his footsteps is Andrew's younger brother Simon.

Simon, a terrific young hooker, has been signed by Parramatta on their scholarship program.

Kiwi cringe dwellers

WHAT is it with New Zealanders?

Have their cricket teams become more abrasive than usual, or have they always been obnoxious?

Having a look at Kiwi coach John Bracewell's comments after Australia's recent one-day victory, this FT Bully was left dumbfounded.

Australia momentarily stopped the match in the last 10 overs because some of their players were being pelted by missiles and spat on from the crowd and Glenn McGrath was having a slanging match with a security guard.

Aussie captain Ricky Ponting rightly called a halt to play as he was fearful for his side's safety.

So what does New Zealand coach John Bracewell do?

After the match, which the Kiwis lost, he claims Ponting stopped the game so New Zealand would lose momentum.

He said it was gamesmanship.

What a joke.

If Bracewell thinks that type of behaviour is justified, he's obviously copped one too many six-stitchers.

Tassie on map

FLAT Track Bully was mightly chuffed to see Tasmania win their second ever one-day competition against Queensland last Sunday.

And don't think it's a coincidence that Michael Bevan was part of the winning team.

Australia's best ever one-day batsman has had a dramatic effect on Tasmania after being unceremoniously dumped by NSW last season.

So what happens?

The Blues almost come last in the one-day competition and Tasmania win it.

No coincidence indeed.

Truck rolls over on Summerland Way

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Fire jumps road and is impacting properties

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