$70,000 for Nimbin security cameras


SECURITY cameras are expected to be installed in Nimbin next month.

Lismore City Council yesterday confirmed it is investing about $70,000 on the installation of up to five cameras.

They will be spaced along Cullen Street, from the post office to the community centre and also in Sibley Street, opposite the Nimbin Hotel.

The cameras will record 24 hours a day and images will initially be relayed back to Nimbin police station.

At some future date the images will be relayed to the security monitoring centre in Molesworth Street, Lismore, where the Lismore CBD security cameras are monitored.

Bill MacDonald, council's operations manager for the City Safe Program, said council anticipated the cameras would have a positive effect similar to that experienced five years ago when Lismore's cameras were first installed.

"The Lismore cameras have made a tremendous difference to the feeling of safety in the CBD, the general amenity of the area and the police department's ability to react quickly to incidences of crime or violence and to identify criminals," he said.

Insp Tony Crandell said he had had many experiences where an offender had been apprehended be- cause he or she had been identified by Lismore's onstreet security cameras.

"I have had people swearing blind that 'it wasn't me' and then we have been able to show them the surveilance footage and they have had to admit it was them," he said.

However not everyone shares the council and police optimism.

Nimbin Community Development Association treasurer, Diana Roberts, said while she acknowledged there was wide community support for the cameras, she doubted they would make a difference.

She said the cameras would not act as a deterrent to anti-social behaviour, violence and aggression on the street unless police were able to respond quickly.

"I have had to call 000 on two separate weekday occasions recently and both times it took police (from Lismore) 45 minutes to respond," she said.

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