2013 was a good year for waves, here's hoping for more

WELL that's another year on The Northern Rivers gone by.

From a surfing perspective 2013 started off being pretty radical with wild and damaging storms.

There was some big swell but also a lot of erosion and damage to our banks.

It finally all settled down and autumn last year was a pretty good one with plenty of sweet little waves on offer most of the time.

Then came winter and it got fired up early with some sweet ECL's (East Coast Lows) producing some very nice swell events.

All things considered it was pointing towards a great year for waves.

But then spring came early.

Well not really, nobody actually came along changed the calendar on us.

But the spring weather pattern, of strong northerlies and small swell did arrive well before schedule.

It was already showing signs of settling in by late July. We've seen it hit mid to late August before, but in July? Now that's unusual.

By September we were experiencing summer type heat and long flat spells.

Five months later, and that spring weather pattern of northerly winds, lack of swell and thunderstorms, still has a hold on the North Coast.

It should have broken up by now, but it hasn't. Global warming perhaps?

Well Tony says no. Me, I'm not so sure as to just simply deny it.

But I will say this, from my perspective I reckon the weather is definitely getting a tad weird. It just seems to be a little more extreme. I suppose only time will tell.

I hope 2014 brings you some decent and maybe even peaceful sessions in the water.

Good health, some fun slides, and a sense community for all of us who share this beautiful patch of coast.

Remember to have fun, wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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