Animal advocate sickened by cruelty

A NORTH Coast animal welfare advocate has repeated her call for a total ban on live animal exports following further allegations of cruelty in an Indonesian abattoir.

Angela Pollard of the Northern Rivers Community Legal Centre said she could not watch footage broadcast by the ABC on Tuesday evening because it would have been too traumatic for her.

The footage was supplied to the ABC by Animals Australia, the same organisation which captured video evidence of cruelty which led to the suspension of live exports to Indonesia for a period last year.

According to Animals Australia the disturbing new footage was captured at the Temur Petir abattoir last month.

It shows one steer being taunted and stabbed in the eyes and the face with a metal file and the throat of another being cut while the animal was still conscious.

According to Ms Pollard it was not unexpected that more examples of cruelty in Indonesian abattoirs would emerge.

She said standards applied by the Federal Government to enable the recommencement of live exports were international standards and well below those required in Australia.

"The government got this through by saying that it had to meet international standards rather than Australian standards and, surprise surprise, animals are being slaughtered without being stunned," Ms Pollard said.

"I think the government is being quite cynical in saying this is a concern when they knew this was going to happen as a direct result of the (international) standards being applied.

"If we applied Australian standards, which we should because they are our cattle, there would be no exports to Indonesia."

Mr Pollard also said she wanted to know why the live-trade with Indonesia continues.

"We hear regularly of the demise of the Australian processing sector and the closure of abattoirs," she said.

"Why can't these animals be slaughtered humanely in Australia? That would be a win for those concerned for animal welfare and a win for Australian meatworkers."

The footage has been provided to the Federal Department of Agriculture which is investigating the allegations.

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