Voice of the Darling Downs honoured with Order of Australia

FOR just about everyone attending a show throughout Queensland and across Australia, the voice of the show is Angus Lane.

Hardly a ring event is held without the accompaniment of the distinct and unmistakable voice of Mr Lane who has held the event announcer's microphone for shows from Sydney to Toowoomba to Cairns to Darwin to Perth.

Mr Lane has been recognised for his long contribution with a Medal of the Order of Australia in the General Division.

"It was a dream of mine since I was nine years old to be a Royal Show announcer," Mr Lane said.

Though at the time the young Angus was living and growing up in Brisbane, he always had ties to the land through relatives and would eventually run properties with wife Vicki for 30 years.

In 1992, Mr and Mrs Lane sold the properties and went into showground announcing full time.

Though based in Highfields, the couple, who work the shows as a team, spend much of their year on the road attending shows across the country.

Mrs Lane is not just her husband's travelling companion, she types up the material he needs for presentations and Mr Lane is in constant contact with his wife in the stands through two-way radio to an ear-piece through which he receives prompts for the next competitor or exhibitor.

"I've been very blessed and I could never have done it without Vicki," Mr Lane said.

"We do about 30,000km a year going to the different shows.

"We fly to Cairns, Darwin and Perth but we drive to most of the other shows.

"We could never do it without the wonderful sponsors too, in particular Black Toyota (which provides the vehicle)."

Mr Lane said he was very honoured and humbled to receive the Order of Australia medal for services to agricultural shows.

Mr Lane said he and wife Vicki also owed a lot to their children and their families.

"We owe a lot of thanks to our family," he said.

"They have had to make a lot of sacrifices because we don't see them a lot because we're away so much."

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