Teen brandishes knife at van park

Glen Wright, owner/operator of the Ballina Seabreeze Caravan Park, indicates the size of the knife the offender was carrying.
Glen Wright, owner/operator of the Ballina Seabreeze Caravan Park, indicates the size of the knife the offender was carrying. Jacklyn Wagner

GLEN WRIGHT is counting his lucky stars after a 30cm knife was held to his throat on Wednesday night.

Asmanager of the Seabreeze Caravan Park at South Ballina, Mr Wright wascalled to break up a disturbance between a 17-year-old male and hisfamily about 7pm.

“He (the teenager) had been staying in the parkfor about three months,” Mr Wright said. “That night he was justrunning around madly with a knife.

“He threatened to stab his own mother, then he saw me and he started abusing me.

“He was screaming and carrying on.

“I was in my car and he tried to stab me in the throat through the car window.

“I sensed that he wanted to hurt people – he’d been on the grog. So I tried to run him down in my car. I clipped him.

“I’m probably lucky I wasn’t hurt.”

MrWright said he was initially called by holidaymakers at the park’s poolwhen the youth was seen brandishing the knife in front of scared womenand children.

Another tourist staying at the park said he hadencountered the youth waving a different knife earlier in the evening,but managed to talk him into handing it over.

Police were calledto the caravan park and the 17-year-old was arrested. He appearedbefore a Lismore Bail Court yesterday morning.

Because of his agethe youth cannot be named, but it was revealed before the courtregistrar that he was on a control order at the time of this latestallegation.

The police prosecutor did not oppose bail on theprovision the youth find somewhere suitable to live other than at thecaravan park.

Defence lawyer Amy Barker said the teenager becameupset following an argument where his father had ridden off on amotorbike without a helmet.

The registrar granted bail on thecondition someone go surety for $500 and the youth find somewheresuitable to live with his mother.

The case was adjourned to January 4.

Mr Wright said he was forced to evict the teenager’s mother and sister from the caravan park.

“I’vegot more than 400 tourists staying here at the moment and it was one ofthem that called me about this kid who was running around with a bigknife,” he said.

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