Meet Richmond LAC bomb appraisal officer Amanda Vidler

Marc Stapelberg

IF YOU'RE involved in a bomb scare or spot a suspicious package, chances are you'll encounter bomb appraisal officer Amanda Vidler.

This is one of the roles performed by the leading Senior Constable attached to the Richmond Local Area Command's police rescue unit.

"We do vertical rescues, road crash rescues, domestic and industrial rescues and swift water rescues," she said. "I am also one of two bomb appraisal officers in the command.

"For example if there is an item in a shopping centre I go in and x-ray the item to identify if it's a bomb."


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After graduating from Goulburn's NSW police college nine years ago, Snr Const Vidler was lucky to be posted in her home region.

"I grew up in the Lismore area and went to school here so I was fortunate to get posted in the Richmond Local Area Command for my probationary period," she said.

Before she joined the force Snr Const Vidler was an accountant for five years, while she dreamed of becoming a police officer

"I have always wanted to be a police officer since I was a kid so I'm fulfilling my life-long dream," she said.

"As soon as my first two years doing general duties were up I got a spot with police rescue."

When she isn't at emergencies saving lives, Snr Const Vidler works as a general duties police officer at Lismore.

"I just love rescue and I've been volunteering with the Lismore SES for 13 years which is where that passion came from," she said.

"I enjoy vertical and land search and rescue jobs because of the roping and abseiling involved. We get called to animal rescues a lot, cats stuck up trees and in drains, cows stuck in mud."

Snr Const Vidler encouraged other women to join the police force.

"Go for it because it's such a great career with a lot of diversity and opportunities," she said. "I love the broad range of work in the police force; the situation is never the same every day and I'm out and about in the community which is great."

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