Alstonville athletes on track

ALSTONVILLE High School has reported a whopping 16 students have been selected to represent NSW in a variety of Combined High School (CHS) sporting teams.

Dannielle Creighton will represent in both open girls cricket and open girls soccer.

Alstonville High School head PD/H/PE teacher Chris Osland said he believes “the numbers would be the envy of any sporting high school across NSW”.

“But we must acknowledge support given to the students by parents and carers, and local sporting clubs,” he said.

Osland said that in the school’s 25-year history, this is the biggest number of students representing in CHS sports at the same time.

The school also has 10 students who have earned the right to compete at the NSW All-Schools Cross Country Championships at Eastern Creek next month.

The students and their CHS sports are.-

BOYS: Jake Lyon (U15 rugby union); Rowan Perry (Open rugby union firsts); Ewen McQueen (Open rugby union seconds); Joey Fittock, Jake McIntyre (U15 touch football); Nicholas Stanek (U15 waterpolo); Isaac Hair (U17 waterpolo); Ronan Cowle, Cameron Wallace, Bryce Woollett (Open waterpolo).

GIRLS: Dannielle Creighton, Matisse Iliffe, Georgia Redmayne (Open cricket); Lauren Yager (U15 netball); Dannielle Creighton (Open soccer); Lydia Fleming (U15 volleyball); Alyce Tozer (U15 waterpolo).

The students and their cross-country events are.-

BOYS: Tom Fleming, Brad Povey-Hyatt, Jacob Leard and Jacob Westerman (14yrs 4000m); Jamie Timms (17yrs 4000m).

GIRLS: Chloe Hughes (13yrs 3000m); Lydia Fleming, Julia Margraf, Zoe Rose-Hill and Suzie Scott (15yrs 4000m).

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