Accussed murderer Robert Xie forks out $1m for bail

UPDATE: THE man accused of one of the worst homicides in NSW is set to be released on bail today.

Robert Xie will wear an electronic bracelet and offer almost $1million in securities in exchange for his freedom until he stands trial over the Lin family murders next year.

The 48-year-old restaurateur allegedly bludgeoned his brother-in-law and four other family members, including two children, to death, in a North Epping home three years ago.

His lawyer told the court he did not pose a risk to the community as he was going to be "the most watched man in NSW".

A date for the trial has not been set.


Alleged killer Robert Xie commited to trial for Lin murders

THE man accused of the Lin family murders has been committed for trial.

Robert Xie, 48, is accused of bludgeoning his brother-in-law and four members of his family - including two children - to death.

The bodies of Min "Norman" Lin, 45, his sister-in-law Yun "Lillie" Lin, 43, her sister, Yun Bin "Irene" Lin, 39 and two boys, aged nine and 12, were found in their North Epping home on July 18, 2009.

Detectives arrested Mr Xie in 2011 after a spot of blood in his garage was allegedly matched to Mr Lin's DNA profile.

It was alleged he stood to inherit the family's newsagency and was jealous of the attention Mr Lin and his family received from extended family.

Mr Xie has maintained his innocence and his wife Kathy has previously told the court he never left their home on the night the five family members were killed.

A magistrate found on Wednesday, there was enough evidence to allow a jury to decide.

The trial will be set down for early next year.

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