Claims former principal kissed girl, 11, on mouth

THE trial of a former school principal accused of four counts of unlawful and indecent treatment of a former student under his care has begun in the Bundaberg District Court.

On day one of the trial, the seven men, five women jury heard the allegations against the defendant were that he allegedly kissed the girl - aged 11 years old at the time - on four occasions between April 21, 2014 and June 13, 2014.

Crown prosecutor Susan Hedge said the complainant would give pre-recoded evidence that on one occasion she was asked to stay back in class for a moment after the rest of the class went to the oval and that the defendant kissed her on the forehead.

"On that same day, before the next break, she was again asked to stay back and she was kissed on the cheek," she said.

"She will also describe a hand signal that the defendant showed her... she'll tell you that the defendant said that signal meant 'I like you or I love you'."

Ms Hedge said the complainant would give evidence, describing two occasions when the defendant allegedly kissed her on the mouth.

"The rest of her class were in the next door room...she was alone with defendant in the main class room and he kissed her on the lips," she said.

Ms Hedge said on the second occasion the defendant kissed allegedly kissed the girl on the lips with an open mouth.

"He said to her that she should open her mouth," she said.

"The crown's case is that there was a sexual connotation to this kissing."

Ms Hedge said during the trial a number of other staff members from the school would also give evidence.

"They will give evidence that the defendant sometimes had favourite students," she said.

"She (the complainant) would be asked to do particular jobs that needed to be done."

Ms Hedge said the defendant did not dispute the kiss on the fourth occasion, but the circumstances were disputed.

She said the defendant said he kissed the complainant on the cheek but it was not indecent.

The defendant, who can not be named to protect the complainant, pleaded not guilty to all four charges.

The trial continues before Judge Tony Moynihan.

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