Owl Eyes makes her way to Byron Bay.
Owl Eyes makes her way to Byron Bay. Contributed

Owl Eyes cancels Byron Bay gig

Owl Eyes (Brooke Addamo) has cancelled her gig at Byron Bay Brewery tonight (Thursday, August 25) due to illness.

Organisers say all tickets purchased are refundable, however, support acts Split Seconds and Glass Towers will still put on a great show, free of charge.

A spokesperson for the songstress said, "Thank you for your support and we hope Owl Eyes will be well again soon, and able to come back to Byron Bay to perform in the future."

The show has now been rescheduled for September 30  at the Byron Bay Brewery.

Pulse did get the chance to talk with the lovely Owl Eyes before she fell ill, read the full article below:

Mention the name Brooke Addamo in 2008 and you would likely evoke the image of a 17-year-old balladeer singing Coldplay’s The Scientist as she auditioned for Australian Idol.

Three years on, and the 20-year-old Melburnian has released two successful EPs under her Owl Eyes moniker, and is embarking on a 16-show nationwide tour.

Once a “normal” girl living a “normal” life, Brooke Addamo has rapidly blossomed into a prominent presence in the Australian music industry. For her, life is busier and faster now.

“A lot more is happening every day,” the singer/songwriter tells Pulse.

While Idol finalists like Guy Sebastian and Shannon Noll still exist in the show’s shadow, Addamo found it easier to break away from the Idol stigma.

“I thought it’d be a lot harder,” she says. “And I think going under a moniker [post-Idol] really helped.”

And why did the fantasy-pop singer/songwriter choose the moniker Owl Eyes?

“It’s a Devendra Banhart song,” she explains. “Also, I think owls represent my music quite nicely. Owls are mysterious. I feel like my music is primarily pop, but it has that substance and mysteri- ousness behind it which I think is really cool, and I think it relates to owls.”

Addamo made her first major impression as Owl Eyes when her debut EP, Faces, was released late last year to considerable nationwide airplay. While Faces was created in a matter of days, her follow-up EP, Raiders, was not quite as easy to pull together.

“I don’t think [writing an EP so quickly] happens very often,” she says, laughing.

“[Raiders] wasn’t a struggle or anything. I think the first time I was just experimenting and it kind of ended up being an EP.

“The second time ’round I was writing an EP, so I had in mind that I wanted to create a kind of mini album; something that makes sense, something that flows rather than a bunch of songs on a CD.”

In addition to her two EPs, Addamo has collaborated with an impressive array of artists, most notably Jan Skubiszewski from Jackson Jackson. Addamo often co-writes songs with Skubiszewski, including the five tracks on Faces.

“I think we have a really good musical connection,” Addamo says of Skubiszewski.

“I love working with Jan. He’s a genius.”

Through Skubiszewski, Addamo scored the opportunity to collaborate with hip-hop star Illy, voicing the chorus on his anthemic It Can Wait. While it was great singing with Illy, she didn’t think the song “was going to be as big as it was”.

Despite her collaborations, Addamo hasn’t set out to be a collaborative artist.

“But if anything comes up that’s interesting to me, I’d love to do it,” she adds.

After this solo tour wraps, Addamo will be hitting the road yet again to support indie dynamos The Wombats in October.

“Then when I get back from those I’m definitely going to sit down and write an album.”

And what else is planned for the future?

“I want to travel with my music,” she says, mentioning Europe specifically.

“I just want to play music for- ever, and expand and learn and grow”.

**CANCELLED Owl Eyes at the Byron Bay Brewery Thursday, August 25.  The show has now been rescheduled for September 30  at the Byron Bay Brewery.

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