REAL OR NOT? There have been plenty of UFO sightings on the Northern Rivers.
REAL OR NOT? There have been plenty of UFO sightings on the Northern Rivers.

Aliens, UFOs: Seven unexplained encounters on North Coast

REAL or imagined, fact or fiction - opinions are divided over whether aliens and UFOs exist.

Last week we told the story of Scott and Wendy Longley who, 20 years ago, claimed they were abducted by aliens while driving along the Bruxner Hwy between Lismore and Casino.

The story sparked the interest of our readers, so we've put together a list other strange goings-on around the region over the years.

We'll let you make up your own mind ...

1. Kyogle UFO: In August 2012 a Kyogle couple, in their 60s, were stargazing outside when an object appeared in the sky. They said they saw a round, orange bright light in the sky which went from north to south over Kyogle.

2. Flying saucers: In 1950 The Northern Star reported that two men claimed to see flying saucers near Swan Bay. Athol Livingstone and Austin Sullivan were taken seriously because they were ex-servicemen and trained observers. "It was just a shining object without shape, size or form," they said.

3. Strange lights: A man spotted "moon-like objects" in the sky while walking home from the pub one night in August 2010. The objects "moved to the left, another to right and third straight up" and then "rejoined themselves in the blink of an eye back in their original position". He swore he was completely sober.

4. UFOs 'harass' another UFO: A report on UFO website tells the story of a sighting in Lismore on February 1, 2014. "I was outside my home smoking a cigarette when I witnessed a bright white orb in the night sky heading east in a straight path at a high elevation ... two more craft appeared (multi-coloured orbs). They started to buzz the white glowing craft. They were literally dropping back, zooming in, swapping sides as they harassed the initial craft. It was like watching a couple of smaller birds harass a larger threat ... I did try to get my neighbour to come out and see it as well, but he was too afraid."

5. Hovering over Lismore: Strange objects in the sky aren't a recent phenomenon. In 1918 it was reported that a "luminous cruciform UFO" was seen hovering over Lismore.

6. Cruising along: In Lismore on March 28, 2014, at 9pm an object was seen "flying in a northerly direction at a steady pace". The American National UFO Center, on its website, has the tale of a UFO spotter and his two friend who saw "it cruise along well below the path of passenger jets that we could see above them. It sort of moved side to side swaying and then slowly faded to disappear".

7. Making love to an alien: In 1996 John was driving from Lismore to Murwillumbah when his car suddenly stopped. He started walking to get help and looked up to see two bright white lights in the sky. According to the Phantoms and Monsters website, John noticed a grey alien which said to him: "You can't get away". John said he was taken to a "mothership" that was "shaped like Egyptian Eye of Osiris, metallic and gunmetal grey". Inside the ship other aliens worked on computers. There were baby aliens in flasks of a red, green-orange solution. John was approached by a female alien and was told the aliens wanted him to father children. He said the female alien "took on a more human appearance" and he made love to her.

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