Accused denies seed use for crops

ACCUSED of growing 1400 cannabis plants and supplying 14kg of cannabis leaf, Wayne Maslin denied yesterday that cannabis seeds found at his Gold Coast home and the cabin of his Northern NSW property were to be used to grow the plants.

It was revealed at his Lismore District Court trial that Maslin, 49, was caught by Queensland police with the seeds in 2005, around the same time he was charged over the cannabis plants found on his Loadstone property, west of Kyogle.

The Crown prosecutor put to Maslin, a fitness trainer, that cannabis seeds had also been found in similar containers on his property at Loadstone, and although they could not be smoked they could be used in cooking, or ‘fed to a budgie’.

The Crown said Maslin told Queensland police he used to have a habit and used some of ‘this crappy stuff’ to make cakes, also stating he was ‘a bit of a hoarder’.

Questioned over the cut cannabis leaf found inside his Loadstone cabin, Maslin maintained he had no idea how it got there.

“You say someone has hidden it in the same kind of plastic bucket you were using at Robina (Gold Coast)?” asked the Crown.

“It seems that way,” he said.

The new owner of Maslin’s rural Fern Tree Road property, Therese Calleja, told the trial she had been having many problems with trespassers who had even cut a wire fence and padlock.

Defence witness, agricultural scientist Dr Phillip Matthew, who looked over the crop site four years later, said the cannabis plants could have been of the type grown for hemp fibre and not narcotic content. He said there was no police evidence indicating any significant seed-bed preparation or plant husbandry.

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