Accused denies raping relative

ACCUSED of sexually assaulting and raping his sister-in-law when she was aged 15, a Northern Rivers man denied touching her sexually until she was 16.

The man, 49, is pleading not guilty to a series of rape and indecent assault charges that the woman, now aged 27, accuses him of committing against her in 1998.

In evidence yesterday at his jury trial in Lismore District Court the man denied ever groping her breasts, massaging her buttocks, or touching her breasts with ice at a Boxing Day 1998 family beach gathering near Evans Head.

Under cross-examination by defence barrister Kate Traill the man replied the allegations were ‘not true at all’.

Ms Traill said the woman accused him of having sex with her the next day (December 27, 1998) to which the man replied: ‘That did not happen. I went surfing.”

Ms Traill said the woman also accused him of having sex with her two or three days later.

“No I did not,’ the man replied.

He also denied ever getting into bed with the girl at his family home and fondling her breasts and vagina in October 1998.

“No that did not happen. It’s a small house and you can clearly hear the movements,” he said.

He also denied groping her bottom in another alleged incident.

“I didn’t massage her bottom. I lay on the ground and she walked on my back which was sore from surfing,” he said.

“Did you ever have sex with her?” asked Ms Traill.

“Yes I did. I first had intimate contact with her in August 1999,” he said.

“She walked into my bedroom. She was saying, ‘sorry I didn’t get you a present.’It was consensual. She was aged 16 and five months.”

The trial is expected to conclude today.

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